Fujitsu Designs 'Floral Kiss' Computer Specially For Women

With Pearl and Gold Accents, New Fujitsu Computer Is Greeted With Eye Rolls

Fujitsu has developed a personal computer just for women.

The company's new Floral Kiss notebook, released last week in Japan, has a plethora of stylish features designed specially for females, including a "flip hatch" that can even be used by the well-manicured.

According to the company press release, the oddly named Floral Kiss notebook was worked on by a special team of "female engineers in aiming to bring elegance to PCs." There's also a model designed in collaboration with the jewelry brand "agete."

Some of the computer's female-specific features include a power button adorned with a pearl-like accent and a Caps Lock key decorated with diamond-cut stone "for a sophisticated look." It also features outtake and intake vents with a floral motif design.

The computer also comes standard with a number of helpful software programs, including "SCRAPBOOK," "DIARY" and "12 daily Horoscopes by Fortune@nifty."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, news of the tech company's latest device was greeted with derision from many bloggers.

"Laydeeez, if you like your technology to sound like a feminine hygiene product, Fujitsu has cooked up a real treat for you," CNET reviewer Katie Collins writes.

Jezebel's Jenna Sauers was equally snarky.

Women are not some special subclass of humanity with totally unique needs in laptop computers (and a bizarre and unshakable preference for the color pink). Laptops are unisex, and the talents of the vague "team of female engineers" who were tasked with designing this monstrosity would be put to better use improving the user experience of all Fujitsu's existing female customers.

The marketing choice seems curious given the negative reaction to the Bic Cristal "For Her" pen line, which spawned a series of scathing Amazon reviews. HTC's purple "Rhyme" smartphone, which was reportedly targeted at a female audience, also garnered decidedly unimpressed verdicts.

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