Fuku Denied Trademark: State Says West Palm Beach Japanese Restaurant's Name Is 'Immoral'

Not even a lucky name has been helpful for a West Palm Beach restaurant scheduled to open next month.

Modern Asian joint Fuku was denied a trademark request from the state on the grounds that its name is “immoral,” reports WPTV.

The word is Japanese for “good fortune,” but even so, it’s just a little too close to that four-letter word in English. Some passersby told the station that it looked like the name was “f--k you.”

"God help us, Florida is stupid," observed culture blog The Awl.

(Imagine if those passers by had been passing by Miami's much-loved Vietnamese pop-up Phuc Yeah, which operated its entire run with an insouciant name clearly much more prone to mishap.)

"The state looks at things from a very narrow scope. I think they’ll realize it’s not our intention to be scandalous or deceptive," owner Paul Ardaji told the Miami Herald.

Ardaji told WPTV that he got the name while walking down the street in Memphis with a friend, who at first was confused by the name. When the name was sent to the Florida Department of State Divisions of Corporations, it was denied because "the mark consists of, compromises or includes immoral, deceptive or scandalous matter."

The trademark denial won't affect the restaurant's ability to use the name, and Ardaji told the South Florida Business Journal he'll be appealing the ruling with testimonials from Japanese language professionals at Harvard and Columbia Universities.

WATCH: In some countries, baby names can be banned as well:

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