7 Photos Of Abandoned Fukushima That Will Give You Chills

These images say it all.

Just over five years ago on a Friday in March, the residents of Fukushima, Japan were urged to flee immediately when an earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused a triple nuclear meltdown at a nearby power plant.

The town has barely been touched since... until now.

Twenty-seven-year-old photographer Keow Wee Loong went on the ultimate daredevil trip last month to browse the abandoned stores, homes and streets that lay in eerie decay. The results of his mission are simply chilling:

Before the earthquake, the Fukushima Prefecture was a popular vacation spot, National Geographic reported. Tourists flocked to ski resorts and hot spring baths for relaxing breaks throughout the year.

But now, more common scenes in Fukushima include loads of half-done laundry, abandoned train stations and DVDs waiting to be rented out for one last view:

Some abandoned sites are legal to explore, and others are not. Because of radiation levels, it’s illegal to visit Fukushima without a permit. Loong claims he ignored the rule and visited anyway.

“I like to photograph places where people don’t go,” he told Time.

We don’t recommend this risky business. If you’re up for travel to Japan, we suggest the countryside’s rolling hills and waterfalls or Tokyo’s bustling streets instead.

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