Fulfilling Your Dreams Now! What's Your Vision?

All of us have desires, goals, achievements, longings or what popular culture refers to as a "bucket list." Our great grandparents had them too, but simply surviving didn't allow much time for reflection.

Most individuals lead such busy, stressful lives that the deepest desires laying close to their conscious often go forever unrealized. Let's change that now!

Imagine For A Moment...

You're seated in your most relaxing spot; outside with the warmth of the sun and a gentle breeze on your face. Or perhaps it's inside and you can hear the sound and smell the wood as it crackles in the fireplace. You might be sitting in a recliner sipping your favorite wine or relaxing in the tub with candles burning. The place is unimportant... getting your mind to stop chattering is!

  • Suddenly, poof, there is a cloud of smoke; as if you've rubbed a genie's lamp
  • An apparition appears, it's semi-transparent form looks like you
  • "Your wish is my command. What do you desire?"
  • Stunned, you realize you don't have a satisfying answer.
  • Various thoughts flicker and float:
  • I want to improve my relationships with my children; we need more meaningful interaction
  • I've always wanted to motorbike all the islands of Hawaii.
  • I have unresolved issues with my Mom, she's getting older and I really want to communicate them to her
  • My oldest friends and I have little in common; I love them, but would like to find new ones to casually hang out with
  • I'm happily married but long for a one-week affair with a dark-haired stranger from Crete
  • Dine at the world's finest restaurants
  • Create a stronger bond with my Dad
  • Meet someone with whom I can share my life
  • Get in a car and start driving... destination unknown
All of the above are an infinitesimal sampling of various dreams we have, yet so often never achieve. What's more sad is that often, they are kicking around in our "near conscious" waiting to be tapped and we never identify them. Opportunity lost!
But wait...

Congratulations, you've made the first step by beginning to bring these desires to the forefront of your mind. Many might say you are becoming mindful... they would be correct. Yet without clarification and direction, these dreams simply become mind meandering often doomed to be unfulfilled. It's important to "live in the moment," but perhaps more rewarding at times to create the moment!

Let's try a quick Mind Acrobatics™ exercise.

  • Grab a pen or pencil
  • Find that special spot
  • Sit back and take a few slow, deep breaths
  • Let your mind wander
  • Begin writing everything extra special you'd like to accomplish someday
Great, you've now turned mindful meanderings into tangible aspirations that you will make happen.
You've identified many of the free floating, burning desires that have been hovering around for years, sort of like an itch you can't reach. Now let's take a minor step and nudge them towards fruition.
  • Look at your list
  • Pick one or two dreams you will make happen
  • Set an end date that each will be completed; a week, six months, five years
  • Create the first step it will take to reach one of your goals
Fantastic! You have taken a major leap forward in what for most is a difficult process that is all too often never embarked upon. You have identified desired changes and begun a plan. This is all the more commendable in a world offering so many options and methods from which to choose.

A multitude of books and articles are available explaining why you need to get in touch with the moment, acknowledge your feelings or take the "10' steps needed to improve your life. Other publications make offers of secrets to flatter abs, finding a mate, what you should or shouldn't say in a job interview. Most all promise proven approaches that guarantee you'll meet your goals.

If you're like most readers, you've bought a self-help book or two. My question to you... how well did it work? Is your life substantially improved?

If you are a regular reader or client you know my objective isn't to tell you how or what to do with your life. That's up to you. My goal is simply to open up the blocked innate creativity and longing for the "hidden treasures" that are buried in your mind.

Many of us meditate and use other clarifying and relaxing approaches to create a more peaceful, calm and fulfilled life. That's very important. But there's a missing link.

While self-truths and insights are revealed through these techniques often our innermost potential is not unearthed. Sure, we stumble upon some realizations of changes we'd like to make or long-forgotten dreams. But most often, we simply find approaches that help bring a bit of calm to our hectic existence or aid in achieving specific goals. That's OK, but is it enough?

Mind Acrobatics exercises perform varied functions. Some are very traditional; they help us get back in touch. We dust off the cobwebs of years of internal suppression, uncover and then set our goals to accomplish long-forgotten desires. Others are geared to help us identify and remove a mental block and some to accomplish a particular task.

Another aspect perhaps more intriguing is the development of techniques to tap into and create the environment for new lusts, passions, goals and dreams to unfold. Reinvention... it's exciting with the promise of unthinkable adventure.

It's as if we're opening the pages of a gilt-edged leather bound book without a single recorded word. Our actions will fill the pages.

Here's the bottom line. We're all different. Some of us simply want a bit of clarification on what we desire out of life and perhaps a little help to make it happen. Other's would like modest changes and then there are those who want to overthrow the status quo and embark in a totally new direction.

Whatever your vision it won't be realized until you take the bull by the horns and actively seek new ways to access your dreams. Once you do the sky's the limit.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can start today. Go for it!

Excerpted and adapted from the forthcoming book: Comfy In My Skin... Transformation From The Inside Out! By Dave Kanegis

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