Full-Contact Skydiving Is Heaven-Sent Insanity

Have you ever felt the urge to jump out of an airplane and punch someone as you plummet toward the ground? Then full-contact skydiving is the sport for you. At least, it would be, if it were an actual thing.

The video above breaks down "FCS," which purportedly combines parachuting and mixed martial arts. Ultimate Fighting Championship bantamweight Urijah Faber makes an appearance in the video, claiming to be a "mentor" for FCS beginners and calling the sport a "savage ballet."

Redditors and Bleacher Report have already called out the clip as an apparent hoax.

Yes, there's an FCS website. No, the names and events mentioned on the site do not register anything meaningful on Google.

But it's still a hoot. There are even rules: You can't tamper with equipment, and chutes must be deployed by 4,000 feet.

At least it's civilized, even if it is fake.

(Hat tip, Elite Daily)