'Full House': Bob Saget Stops By San Francisco House; Calls It 'Creepy' (PHOTO)

Bob Saget's 'Creepy' Experience At 'Full House' Home

On Friday, "Full House" alum Bob Saget -- who played patriarch Danny Tanner on the ABC series for eight years -- swung by his old stomping grounds.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the trip down memory lane Saget had hoped for.

"It was creepy! Because cars were going by, and I was like, 'I gotta get out of here!'" he told Us Weekly of his stop at the San Francisco house. "And a couple people kinda looked at me. One guy on a moped stopped with a look that was like, 'Oh, come on!' Because it's like, I'm in it! If I'm standing in front of that house ... some poor lady lives there and it's a well-known house now.

People go there and see it like it's a cool thing. It's nice that it's not a negative memory. It's a home-cooked meal memory. So it was kind of weird being there."

That didn't stop Saget from letting his Twitter followers know what he had been up to that day, though.

Saget's "Full House" co-stars John Stamos and Dave Coulier both responded to his tweet with a hint of nostalgia ... but mostly humor.

cool, the Munsters house.RT @bobsaget San Fran. Couldn't resist.say.ly/aMS5ZCu

— John Stamos (@JohnStamos) June 7, 2013

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