'Full House' Reunion Pics Have Us Waxing Nostalgic (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: A Look Back At The '90s Fashion Of 'Full House'

Everyone's favorite sappy sitcom "Full House" just celebrated its 25th anniversary, meaning it's been a quarter of a century since Michelle, D.J., Stephanie and their lovable gang of father figures bounded into our lives and brought their trendy late '80s style with them. (Yep, it's making us feel super old.)

To celebrate the big birthday, much of the former cast members got together for a reunion party. John Stamos posted dozens of photos to his Facebook showing Candace Cameron Bure (D.J.), Bob Saget (Danny), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie), Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky), 48, Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler), Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) and Scott Weinger (D.J.'s boyfriend, Steve) partying it up.

Sweetin tweeted "Wow! 25 years ago, Full House aired... That's so crazy! :)", Barber tweeted "I just danced to three NKOTB songs in a row with @candacecbure and @JohnStamos. Life is complete!" and Stamos also posted a video on Twitter with the comment:

my contribution to #FullHouse25Years a drunk gibbler, me and deej singing step by step.

Sadly, the Olsen twins didn't make it to the party. But all in all the reunion, which featured a cake in the shape of the family's iconic San Francisco townhouse, was fairly epic. But seeing as we're not alumni of the dearly departed TV show, we're celebrating in another way: a look back at the best '80s and '90s fashion from "Full House"'s eight seasons.

From biker shorts to mullet hair to an unfathomable array of scrunchies, all the best and worst styles of the decade (the show ran from 1987 through 1995) are here. Look back and wax nostalgic...


"Full House" Vintage Fashion

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