Watch HuffPost’s Full Interview With Cory Booker

The New Jersey senator talks about immigration policy, education and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

ON U.S. 218 BETWEEN MOUNT PLEASANT AND KEOKUK, Iowa ― Sen. Cory Booker, a contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, had just finished a rousing sing-along of “Stand by Me” with his staff when he sat down with HuffPost earlier this month on a campaign-rented RV during a swing through southeastern Iowa, stretching all the way down to the state’s tiny bootheel of Lee County.

During the course of a 35-minute sitdown, the senator from New Jersey sharply disagreed with former Vice President Joe Biden, a campaign rival, over the causes of mass incarceration, suggested he was open to a drastic overhaul of the Supreme Court and also said some incarcerated people should be allowed to vote.

He also weighed in on a host of other issues, defending his record on public education from the criticism that he is too friendly to charter schools and discussing why he’s the only Senate Democrat running for president to support the Israel Anti-Boycott Act.

You can watch the full interview above.

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