Full Moon Festival A Musical Oasis In Sweltering New York City

Electronic music, misters and beach sand make for one good weekend.

It's a good time that only happens, well, once in a blue moon. 

Hosted on the same weekend of the rare meteorological event, Full Moon Festival capitalized on all of the lunar fanfare, putting together a full day and night of festivities to remember. 

Last year we wrote about how Full Moon Fest was the "best music festival you have never heard of." This year, the festival organizers doubled down on their momentum, celebrating their fifth anniversary in style with a new, exciting venue, The Brooklyn Mirage. The Full Moon Fest event page described the space as "a lush urban jungle" featuring 20-foot high walls covered in plants, "euphoric" misters and beach sand, acting as a "true oasis" in the middle of a hot NYC summer. 

Electronic music and DJ sets were the prominent sound of the event, with acts including Oliver Nelson, Rufus du Sol, and Soul Clap coming in from around the world. Festivities kicked off midday and continued throughout the night and late into the early morning. While many of the acts featured up-and-coming artists over household names, their eclectic lineup of talented musicians and DJs captured a very interesting crowd of music lovers willing to brave the sweltering heat to escape to an urban oasis of good music and vibes. 

Check out some of our favorite shots from the fest:

Full Moon Festival

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