Watch An Entire Movie Squeezed Into A Single GIF, Because Why Not

You like GIFs. You like movies. How about entire movies compressed into GIFs that will turn your brain to scrambled eggs and possibly hurt your eyeballs?

Enter the newest bizarre subreddit on Reddit: r/fullmoviegifs. It's a community of GIF wizards taking feature-length films and compressing them into 40-second versions of movies in hyperspeed, from opening to closing credits.

The idea was born earlier this week in a comment thread on r/gifs, when user ydnab2 asked for a subreddit dedicated to full-movie GIFs. User mat01ss pointed out the inactive subreddit r/featurelengthgifs and then took the initiative to make r/fullmoviegifs, which at the time of this writing had 2,535 subscribers after 2 days of existence. matt01ss is the primary contributor to the subreddit.

So what are these GIFs like? Check out a few samples below. Spoiler warning...we think.

The Rock


They couldn't slow it down for the parts with the glorious mixture of queen alien and Bishop goo flying everywhere?


Two places you barely see the monster in "Cloverfield": This GIF and the movie itself.

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

For a movie so focused on psychedelics, it's only fitting that this GIF makes you feel like you're on some.


It's completely fine to admit you still cried during the opening montage, even in fast forward.

Fight Club

"I am Jack's strange headache after watching too many of these GIFs."

Check out the rest over at r/fullmoviegifs(which has been made private since this article was published).