FullContact Pays Its Employees $7,500 To Go On Vacation

Company PAYS You To Go On Vacation...A Nice Sum Too

How would you like to get paid extra to go on vacation?

That's what one company in Denver is doing for its employees. As CEO of FullContact Bart Lorang announced in a blog post: All employees get $7,500 per year to go on vacation, and that's on top of paid vacation.

Lorang said there are three rules for employees to participate:

  • You have to go on vacation, or you don’t get the money.
  • You must disconnect.
  • You can’t work while on vacation.

That's it. The digital contact management company is hiring right now too, in case you're looking, for slots like iOS and Mac developer, platform engineer and a role in business development.

FullContact is not the first tech startup to lure prospective employees, and keep current employees happy, with an awesome perk. EventBrite offers free weekly massages, EverNote allows unlimited vacation days, Qwiki reimburses commuting costs and GetGlue buys each new hire an iPad.

These startups are competing with some big companies to land (and retain) talent. For example, Google is well known to offer extensive employee benefits, including on-site doctors, free food and free haircuts.

Other companies boast a rock-climbing wall, free snowboarding, scuba diving, house cleaning, international travel and more.

A recent study found that employee benefits can directly lead to a better business, including a positive impact on company growth. And you don't have to break the bank either if you're a business owner and want to improve your employees' morale.

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