'Fuller House' Gets A Third Season On Netflix

Cut it out!

Have mercy!

“Fuller House” is returning for a third season on Netflix, with the renewal news surfacing over the holiday weekend on the show’s social media accounts.

This gift’s for you. 🎁Fuller House Season 3, coming 2017.

A video posted by Fuller House (@fullerhouse) on


A video posted by Fuller House (@fullerhouse) on

Some of the series’ stars followed up with announcements of their own:

ABC’s “Full House” ran from 1987–1995. The new Netflix version, featuring much of the same cast, premiered in early 2016.

Season 2 of “Fuller House” debuted earlier this month and included a guest appearance by actor Alan Thicke, who died on Dec. 13.

Now the big question (again) is: Will the Olsen twins finally return to revive the role of Michelle Tanner?

We can only hope.

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