'Fuller House' Shades The Olsen Twins, And Everything Else Twitter Is Saying About The Show

It doesn't get cheesier than this.

Twenty-nine years after "Full House" first premiered, the Tanners are back, and they still aren't over the fact that the Olsen twins are too busy running a successful business to reprise a role they landed before they were potty-trained.

"Fuller House" finally premiered on Netflix early Friday morning and people are excited about it -- or, at least, they're tweeting about it.

Here's what the people of Twitter are saying.

The Olsens get "shaded"

Actually, they reference the Olsen twins a lot

Some people loved the new show

Some people hated it

Some people got emotional

Some found it super nostalgic

Others were just confused

And a lot of people couldn't help but mention how nicely Stephanie Tanner grew up


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