These 'Fun Size' Salads May Be The Scariest Trick This Halloween

"I would legit call the cops on any house that gave these out."

What could be scarier than getting an apple or raisins this Halloween? How about a bucket of leafy greens?

An online meme has proposed “fun size” Dole salads for kids’ candy pails this year, in a truly scary gag that could be any candy-crazed trick-or-treater’s worst nightmare.

“I would legit call the cops on any house that gave these out,” comedic graphic artist “Adam the creator,” who came up with the idea, posted with his image on Instagram.

As scary as it may be to some, the salad mockup gave Dole some ideas.

In a letter posted to Twitter, a Dole executive personally applauded “Adam the creator” with coming up with the “clever” idea of giving out the salad packets. But the letter also warned him of potential trademark infringement.

The letter then upped the ante with Dole revealing their own “fun size” ideas.

“Why stop at mini salads?” the letter asked. “Fun size portions of pineapples, broccoli, carrots, and celery would be the perfect serving of fruits and vegetables for a growing kid.”

What’s next? Actual corn?

Correction: A previous version of this story misstated that Dole warned of copyright infringement. It was trademark infringement.

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