Delicious Green Tea Desserts

Delicious Green Tea Desserts
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Matcha powder is a vibrant ingredient to use. You can prepare it the traditional way with a bamboo whisk and a tea bowl to brew a strong cup of green tea (to reap the health benefits). Or, you could make desserts to fix your sweet tooth!

Green tea panna cotta
This dessert screams 'creamy' and light with a good flavor of green tea. The texture is slightly more firm than your traditional panna cotta, but it will definitely impress people.
Get the Green tea panna cotta recipe from Around le globe

Green tea chiffon cake
Light and airy chiffon cake, flavored with green tea? Yes please!
Get the Green tea chiffon cake recipe from Just one Cookbook

Matcha white chocolate & macadamia cookies
Fix your midnight cookie craving with these fun cookies.
Get the Matcha white chocoalte & macadamia cookies recipe from Hummingbird High

Green tea ice cream
Refreshing ice cream that accentuates the lovely bitterness of green tea.
Get the Green tea ice cream recipe from Around le globe

Green tea Swiss roll
Get the Matcha swiss roll recipe from Cold body living

Matcha vanilla swirled pound cake
A spin on the traditional, dense vanilla pound cake.
Get the matcha vanilla swirled pound cake recipe from Vintage trinkets

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