20 Super Fun Wedding Ideas Your Childhood Self Would Love

20 Super Fun Wedding Ideas Your Childhood Self Would Love


The wedding you dreamed about as a kid probably involved a teen heartthrob groom, a smorgasbord of sugary sweets and lots and lots of toys

Unfortunately Zack Morris and Kevin Arnold are taken, but who says you can't make the rest of that childhood dream come true? Below are 20 awesome wedding ideas that will fill your big day with fun and just the right amount of nostalgia.

A bounce house
As the bride and groom, you are entitled to unlimited turns. Your day, your rules.
Superhero Pez escort cards
The super powers your guests need to get their butts on the dance floor.
A piñata
Hit it and quit it (but only once the goodies fall out).
A cotton candy machine
The sticky fingers are totally worth it.
Personalized Guess Who games
You can buy old boards at second-hand stores and insert pics of your wedding guests. It's way more fun than awkward icebreaker games!
A Polaroid guest book
Get lots and lots of film so your guests can keep their hilarious outtakes.
LEGO table numbers
The building blocks of your childhood.
And LEGO cake toppers
Because you're still a kid at heart.
A Mad Libs-style table game
You and your new *spouse* will have a blast reading through the responses after the wedding is over.
Shaved ice
Sure, the coloring might stain your mouth, but YOLO.
A wheel o' fun
Get the party started with this giant spinny wheel.
A s'mores bar
Arguably better than a regular bar.
A mac & cheese bar
Caroline Joy Photography
Arguably better than a s'mores bar.
Confetti-dipped balloons
Popping a regular balloon is kind of sad. Popping one of these beauties is straight-up depressing.
Actual confetti
Comic book-themed cocktails
These superhero adult beverages pack a powerful punch.
A temporary tattoo booth
Opted for a fairy tattoo on your ankle after a few glasses of champagne? No regrets.
NERF guns
Oh, it's SO on.
Boozy Otter Pops
Otter Pops + alcohol = Otter Shots
Glow sticks
A colorful alternative to a sparkler send-off.

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