Love Wordle? These Fun Word Games Don't Require Looking At Your Phone

Take a break from your screen and get your hands on these card and tile word games instead.
Word Witt, A Little Wordy and Wordplay

By the time you read this, you probably already finished today’s Wordle — or you’re about to right now. But before you do, consider giving your eyes a rest and playing a game that you can actually touch, with pieces you can actually feel. Whether you’re looking for a word game the whole family can get in on or you just want to practice your vocabulary skills solo, there are are a ton of games to get those semantics wheels turning in your brain.

There’s the old faithful, family-friendly game Scrabble, which has been around for over eight decades, and newer games like A Little Wordy, which comes from the masterminds behind Exploding Kittens, and the prediction-centered Blank Slate. We rounded up all of these fun wordy games and more in our list below.

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There's always time for a game of classic Scrabble. It's the ultimate competitive crossword game that's stood the test of time and will give your eyes a break from your phone screen.
Word Witt
Get the whole family involved in the fun with Word Witt, a game geared toward increasing your vocabulary and strengthening your mental agility. Simply roll the dice, flip a card and compete with up to four people to create the most words in a minute.
A Little Wordy
From the creators of the ultra-popular game Exploding Kittens comes A Little Wordy, a tile-unscrambling game suitable for two players. Both of you will get a pile of tiles and rearrange the letters until you create a word. Then, you write the word down, hide it and use the clue cards to guess each other's word.
Blank Slate
This word prediction game is easy to learn and play, and comes with everything you need for a fun experience including a dry-erase score board, 8 dry-erase slates, 250 double-sided word cue cards and 8 dry-erase markers with erasers. Start the game off by pulling a word cue card, and then each player writes what word they would use to complete the phrase. The key is to try to come up with a word that matches someone else's without giving hints.
If fast-paced word games are your thing, Wordplay is the game for you. The spinner determines the letters and category for each round, and every player races to write down answers on their game sheet before time runs out. For instance, if the letters are "A" and "E" and the category is "food," a possible answer could be "apple."
Word games and tiles go hand in hand, and this especially goes for Upwords, a four-player letter stacking game in which the higher you stack, the more points you earn. Each player starts with seven tiles and can create words across, down or up, by stacking each tile on top of other tiles to create new words.
Word options are endless with this letter game in which letters can be rotated to form different letters and words (for example, a "j" can rotate into an "r"). The game is suitable for two to eight players.
Big Boggle
This classic two-to-four-player game first arrived on the scene in 1979. Big Boggle is a simple, yet fun word game that takes just three minutes. Once you start the timer, each player searches the letters to make words with at least four letters. The longer the word, the more points you earn.
Puns of Anarchy
For fans of puns, this party game is beginner-friendly and involves pop culture knowledge. Each dry-erase card contains the name of an artist, movie, song or other well-known entertainment title, and each player's job is to change a few letters on each one to create a funny pun. The judge decides which is best.

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