Fund Race Your Friends: How Well Do You Really Know Them?

Fund Race Your Friends: How Well Do You Really Know Them?
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All my friends are Democrats. Where I live now? Nearly all Democrats. Where I grew up? Nearly all the money is going to Democrats. How did I find this out? HuffPost's Fund Race, that's how.

It started with searching good friends. They've all given to Democrats. Then just my casual friends. Then that guy I met in line at the cafe. I don't even have a Republican friend I can use as a token friend, someone I can use as an example. But, I have an excuse: I was just raised this way.

According to Fund Race, my hometown of Sacramento, CA gave $991,241, the over-whelming majority of which went to Democrats ($732,519). Maybe going to college was going to be my chance to spread out, meet some new people, learn new walks of life. Like that girl I met who told me she'd never met a Jew before she went to Vassar. But no, Poughkeepsie, NY was just as blue as back home. Citizens of Pough-Town gave $42,049 political canidates, $25,817 of which went to the Democrats.

Now I live in Brooklyn. It's even worse here: rampant even. HuffPost's Fund Race tells me $2,519,555 was given by people who identified their city as "Brooklyn," with a whopping $1,769,558 going to the to Democrats in the race to the White House.

Maybe it's time you took a look around. That sweet pie-baking granny down the street? Might be a Ron Paul contributor. That soccer player you lost your virginity to who later went to Oberlin and then lived on an ashram? Possibly a Rudy fanatic. The prim and proper socialite mother of your boarding school roommate? Why, she just might rock for Barack. Everyone has skeletons in their closet, and thank God we have Fund Race to help drag them out.

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