Fundraiser For Children In Morrocco

"I want to go to the Space, see the Planet," he said.
"I want to be an aeronautic engineer," she said on the video.

It all started when I watched this documentary about children living in the streets in most of Muslim countries such as Morocco (the country where I am from). I then asked myself what could be done for those children. After few researches, I realized that a woman, Doctor M., has done this project in Morocco, and that her organization called "Bayti" - meaning "Home" on Moroccan Arabic was one of the most famous NGO over there. That is when I contacted them and asked to meet the children.

The association "Bayti" is a recognized NGO of public utility, which works for children in difficult situation in Morocco. This association has already internationally proven its efficiency and works closely with several international organizations (including UNICEF) to improve the children's conditions.

To be honest, my first thought before meeting them was that those children would be shy, they wouldn't talk to a stranger, and they might even be violent. I was expecting the worst. However, I met sweet and smart children, children with ideas, ambitions and motivation. Some of them have lost their innocence; you could perfectly see that in their eyes. But they proved me wrong: all of them seemed confident and strong. They were telling me about their needs, and what the countries should do to help them. Beside that, they were talking about the remaining children on the streets. Though those kids have lost everything, they know that they found within this organization a huge treasure. It was amazing for me to see that they were so selfless and wanted to share this with the remaining children on the streets.

The day we recorded the video, they were so excited. A few months ago, those children were living in the streets of Morocco. Always hungry, in a situation of insecurity, fearing the police, offenders and the cold, out of their families, those children did not have any hope. And now, they were talking in front of a camera about their dreams, their ambitions and needs. Thanks to "Bayti", they now have a place they can call home. They found a team of professionals who are listening to them, who are giving them the love and hope they need.

This is why we want to give you the opportunity to take part in two projects associated with this organization: construction project of a well, and the development of the department of young journalists of "Bayti".

Well construction will help children develop their gardening activities and train young to raise their awareness of the needs of nature.

The remaining budget will be used to afford audio-visual materials to encourage young "journalists" of "Bayti" to create video footage on their conditions, their rights and ambitions in order to raise awareness.

The cost of the well will be around 5500 € whereas the audiovisual material will be around 1850 €. - (Subtitles available when clicking on the CC)