Fundraising Quarter Ends in THREE Days!

{First, a cheap plug for my blog Senate Guru.}

As we continue to celebrate the historic vote on health care reform (and continue to lament the right-wing's response of threats and violent rhetoric), it's important to remember that we're just three days away from the end of the pivotal first fundraising quarter of 2010. Now is the time to contribute!

Please head over to the Expand the Map! ActBlue page and contribute whatever you are able to these terrific Democratic candidates for Senate.

Democrat Currently At End-of-Quarter Goal Distance to Goal
Kendrick Meek $45 $300 $255
Bill Halter $495 $750 $255
Joe Sestak $1,345 $1,600 $255
Paul Hodes $1,492 $1,700 $208
Robin Carnahan $1,518 $1,700 $182

Remember, the contribution you can make isn't just a donation to a single candidate or political campaign. It's an investment against Republican obstruction (and conservaDem enabling) and an investment toward achieving that more perfect union.

In the meantime, enjoy reviewing my favorite 2010 Senate race stories of the week, including:
-Arkansas: great new polling for Bill Halter
-Florida: Kendrick Meek making grassroots history
-Iowa: Chuck Grassley demonstrating even more scumbaggery
-Ohio: labor leaders taking it to Bushbot Rob Portman
and more!