The Funniest Autocorrect Fails February 2015 Had To Offer

The Funniest Autocorrect Fails Of The Month (NSFW)

Another month, another batch of autocorrect victims.

We all make the occasional texting slip-up, but most of the time, these mistakes stay between the texter and the textee. Thankfully for us, Damn You Autocorrect compiles the greatest fails of each month for our enjoyment. This month's victims learned NEVER to eat laxatives before going to McDonald's, "ho" makes some excellent soup, and birthday haikus are seriously underrated. Check them out, and remember, always think before you text!

Warning, some NSFW language.

That is a horrible, horrible idea.
Don't talk and text, people.
"I am a smart ass."
Interesting payment plan.
What exactly does a spandex teacher teach?
Yeah she did.
Hey, Stalin.
Common mixup.
You popped Mary?!
To each their own.

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