The Funniest Pet Halloween Costumes: Submit Your Own! (PHOTOS)

With Halloween just around the corner, most people have probably got their costumes together by now. But what about our furry friends?

Dressing pets up against their will is a time-honored Halloween tradition, and although man's best friend (and whatever we're calling cats these days) probably aren't too keen on the idea, their potential cuteness and hilarity is hard to deny. As long as the costumes aren't too confining, many pets will proudly dress up as another animal, inanimate object or even Donald Trump.

We updated our slideshow from last year featuring dozens of hilarious and adorable images from HuffPost readers and their pets, plus included some topical photos from 2012, like Bane, Honey Boo Boo and Unemployed Big Bird (the dog). Click through all the photos below and share your own funny pet costumes by adding them to the slideshow!

Pet Halloween Costumes