9 Funny Sale Signs To Get You Ready For Black Friday (PHOTOS)

Gotta love Black Friday, the ominous non-holiday that powers the world's largest economy. In the throes of shopping fever, we fight for parking spots, wait for malls to open and brave endless lines to the cash register.

But if you stay home and shop on the web, just think of all the fun you'll be missing. And by fun, I mean some of the ridiculous promotional signs that dot the retail landscape.

To get things rolling, here are nine funny sale signs you probably won't see on Black Friday (unless you're gift shopping for some pretty weird folks). Keep an eye out for funny signs while shopping and upload them at Signspotting.com. Oh, and if you happen to find yourself in a bookshop, don't forget to check out the latest installment of Signspotting (Book 4: The Art of Miscommunication).

Funny Sale Signs