30 Funny Uses Of The Tear-Off Tab Flyer (PHOTOS)

Ah, the classic "tear-one-off" flyer. It's the perfect way to tell people that you've lost your dog, need a roommate, or just have some delicious bacon you want to offer free.

On the Internet, repurposing this useful flyer format to make people laugh is a time-honored tradition. From the classic Lionel Richie "Hello?" poster to the oh-so-meta "Lost: 8 pieces of paper" one, there are plenty of LOL-worthy parodies out there.

We've rounded up 30 of the best to share with you below. Take a look and vote for your favorites (and if we know our readers correctly, the free bacon flyer will undoubtedly be #1).

Stress Relief Flyer

Funny Tear-Off Tab Flyers

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