15 Calendars For People Who Need To Laugh Every Day Of 2015

LOL every single day this year.

Well, it's a new year and you promised yourself that this year you're really going to fulfill your resolution to become more organized and to stop asking your neighbor to tell you the date.

And while we are fully aware that everyone's phone these days has a fully functional calendar in it, those are just so boring. You should really consider investing in a wall calendar this year. Yes, calendars are so grown up, but when they are this funny, they'll be the one thing you're thankful for each and every day of this year. We found the best 15 calendars for every person out there:

1. For the person who has a traditional sense of humor ...


2. ... And for the person who has a more sophisticated sense of humor.


3. For the person who loves a good chuckle (and the art of David Olenick).


4. For the person who still likes to play with toys.


5. For the parent who likes being sarcastic with their kids ...


6. ... And for those parents who are simply ecstatic about their new bundle of joy.


7. For the animal lover who loves to be zen ...


8. ... And for the person who plans their pet's outfit every day along with their own.


9. For the person who has a deep connection with their dog.


10. For the person who hates everything as much as penguins do.


11. For the girl who is just so sick of all that diet talk.


12. For the person who doesn't take religion too seriously.


13. ... And for the person whose parents take religion pretty seriously.


14. For the history buff who likes their history to be completely pointless ...


15. ... And for the person who likes their advice to be as funny as possible.


ARF's Celebrity Pet Calendar
Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation
You may not want to begin your year with Nigel Lythgoe and end it with Becky Worley, but at least their dogs are cute. Twelve months of awkwardly staged photos could be yours and you'll be supporting a good cause.
Justin Bieber Academic Calendar
Nope. This Justin Bieber academic calendar isn't meant to poke fun of the singer's intelligence level. It's magnetic locker art! This baby is going to fill the dreams of thousands of middle schoolers who can now picture what they'd look like next to Justin Bieber, every day. That's right, this gem has a mirror insert! Not a Belieber? There is a Taylor Swift, version too...
Rock Stars in Black and White
Your favorite rock stars, from Kurt Cobain to Eddie Vedder, will inspire you every day in this artful black and white calendar. Each month features the lit face of one of rock's greats. Best of all? The contrast between their glowing faces and the dark background will make you question whether they've stepped into the spotlight or been called upon by God.
Chuck Norris
Twelve months wasn't enough for Chuck Norris, so you'll get 16 with an investment in this tough–guy cal.
Duck Dynasty
Photos of the bearded "Duck Dynasty" stars are overlaid with inspirational quotes like "Let me tell you about redneck logic ..." This is a winner for any true fan OR someone just looking to spark controversy.
Eva Mendes Pop Art Calendar
Are you a fan of both Eva Mendes and Pop Art? Well then this is your lucky day! Whether or not you've seen her in anything since "The Other Guys," you'll love having this one special picture to look at all year long.
Pets Rock Calendar
Thanks to this wall calendar, you won't have to finish 2014 before seeing a cat dressed as Lady Gaga OR guinea pigs as The Beatles. Phew.
Psy Printout Calendar
Can't wait to get your year started? This "Gangnam Style" calendar is available for immediate download! Calendar blocks display perfectly in the back of Psy's paper head so that you can conveniently drag your K-pop obsession into the New Year.
Michael Bublé Calendar
This jazz–y singer will have you and the rest of middle–aged America swooning at the sight of his formal wear contrasting with colorful oversized shapes.
Dr. Phil Day–to–Day Calendar
This year, you don't have to wait for Dr. Phil's talk show to learn how the doc can change your life — it'll be right there on your calendar. Daily insights are brought to you by the Doc, himself, whether or not you'll want to hear them.

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