Animals Get Super Excited Over Spontaneous Fun Just Like You

Our furry friends are not so different from us. They can get a little spazzy over the simple things in life and enjoy the fun moments that’d you never expect. Whether it’s making snow angels or enjoying a well-made slide, the opportunity to enjoy some spontaneous fun is not lost on our four-legged friends.

We’ve partnered with Juicy Fruit to bring you our favorite viral moments of animals really enjoying themselves in the moment.

(...And also being ridiculously adorable.)

This Cat Is ALL About The Snow Angels

Made a snow angel. . . check
Made a snowball to throw at person operating camera. . . check

These Horses Are Holding An Impromptu Hoedown In The Snow

But if this were “Dancing With The Stars: Ponystyle” we’d vote off the horse on the right for stealing of limelight and excessive celebration. THIS IS A TEAM SPORT, HORSE.

Foxes Like Jumping On Trampolines, Are Continually Surprised By It

We’re not sure which moment we think is better: when the foxes realize what a trampoline is for, or every ensuing moment when they comprehend it for the first time … again.

DJ French Doggie French Haz Skillz

Admit it: you said “wikka wikka” in your head.

Do Not Trust This Lion’s Version Of Spontaneous Fun

I don’t think a gentle mouth hug was what this lion was going for here.

This Surfing Lamb Was Made For You And Me.

This lamb is like that time you bought a puka shell necklace from that store in the mall, except that HE CAN ACTUALLY SURF.

This Otter Swims In The Fast Lane

On the other hand, this could be be the most frustrating game of tag this otter has ever played.

Baby Chimp Works On His Double Salchow

Like the Soviet Bloc, chimpanzees clearly start their training at a young age for the Winter Olympics.

Pandas, Slip-Slidin’ Away

Panda cubs are adorable little balls of fluff to begin with, but who was the genius that decided turn them into adorable black and white bowling balls?