12 Bar Signs That Have A Lot To Say About Your Personal Life

When did bar signs get so judgmental?

Maybe we've had a few too many Old Fashioneds, but somewhere along the line, the chalkboard stationed outside our local watering hole started taking aim at the sad, sorry state of our personal lives.

Below, 12 bar signs that know a little too much about our love lives -- or lack thereof.

This sign knows you've been through the wringer.

And that when you've thrown back enough drinks, you'll find almost anything romantic.

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You don't have a date on Valentine's Day? This bar sign has heard.

This sign knows that you've got 99 problems... but a lack of drink shouldn't be one.

And this one realizes that long-term relationships really aren't your thing right now.

That's because they know where your real priorities lie.

Bar signs have figured out that you are lonely -- and easily fooled.

This sign even has a request.

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Insults are bar signs' forte.

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Sure, bar signs can be a little jerk-y, but sometimes they're borderline helpful. Like here:

Or here:

And sometimes -- and this is rare -- a bar sign actually has something constructive to say about your love life:

Best relationship advice ever? Oh, bar sign, you care about us after all.

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