12 Ways You Should Never, Ever Break Up With Someone

Breaking up with someone is never easy (it's going to hurt, no matter how much tactful you are), but there are definitely wrong ways to go about it.

On Tuesday, Redditors shared some of their worst breakup experiences. Below, 12 of the most awful ways to get dumped.

1. "He just unfollowed me on Twitter. Could have been an adult and talked about it, but nope!"

2. "After I hit puberty, she broke up with me because I wasn't 'adorable' anymore."

3. "She moved out while I was on a overnight business trip and took the cat with her. I miss that cat. I miss you Megatron!"

4. "By telling me that he moved to San Diego (he hadn't). Ok, dude, I can take a hint."

5. "I dated a girl for five years (ages 14 to 19). Everything was going perfectly fine. After five years we had the 'I love you' and 'xoxoxo' texts going constantly. Well, after our first year of college (we went to different colleges) things changed over the course of three days (no lie). On Thursday night we were sending each other love texts like usual. But on Sunday night she broke up with me over a text messages because 'I didn't like camping.' After five years I was dumped over a text message because I didn't like camping. Figure that out."

6. "This wasn't me, but how a friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend. They were on the phone, and she said, 'I love you,' to which he responded, 'I love you more!' She said, 'Actually, you probably do,' and proceeded to tell him how she'd gone on a date with another guy."

7. "Over email. In the third person."

8. "I was 11. My 12 year old girlfriend got some older guy (16, I think) to call my home phone and tell me: 'Welcome to Dumpsville, population you.' And hung up."

9. "I came back from university for winter holiday. I spent Christmas Eve with her and her family, gave her little brothers presents and everything. The next day she was supposed to come have dinner with my family, parents, grandparents, cousins, the whole family. She simply never showed. Everyone was worried to death, finally her mother called me back to say she had left for a ski trip with some dude she had been seeing while I was off at school. Merry Christmas."

10. "Through sign language. Neither of us is deaf or mute. Neither of us knows ASL or any other form of sign language. It took two hours of mute gestures before he finally spat it out verbally. And then he was mad when I kicked him out of my parents' house and refused to drive him to his house."

11. "Yahoo instant messaging app, on my birthday."

12. "Called her one night to chat about life and freedom and baseball. Her mom answered the phone. My then-girlfriend made her mom break up with me instead of her doing it. She sounded very sympathetic over the phone."

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