Funny Breakup: 'Why I'm Dumping You' List Highlights Ex's Annoying Habits (PHOTO)

After a breakup, it can be cathartic to list all the things you won't miss about your ex. But sending the list to him or her? That takes some nerve.

Apparently, that's exactly what one person did after dumping the special someone in his or her life. The list, entitled "Why I'm Dumping You," includes 20 things the dumper found obnoxious about their ex, from wearing leather pants, to the ex's confusion over whether or not vegans eat bacon. (Seriously?)

Have a look at the full list, which was originally posted on Cup Of Zup, but posted on Imgur Wednesday:

That's gotta hurt. Tell us what you think of this list in the comments, then click through the slideshow below for more hilarious breakup letters found around the web.

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