31 Funniest Cat TikToks Every Cat Owner Can Relate To

If you love a silly cat, this is for you.
Need a laugh? These TikToks really capture the hilarious nature of cats.
Need a laugh? These TikToks really capture the hilarious nature of cats.

If you have ever had a cat, you know they are funny creatures who make us laugh just by existing.

Cats are full of contradictions. One moment they are mysterious, aloof beings who grace us with their presence, and the next they are running toward us for pets and treats.

On TikTok, people have created videos that poke fun at all the ways our cats both frustrate us and make our lives better. Here’s a roundup of the funniest TikToks about owning a cat:

The way they love their food...

The way they accept our silly games...


Can I get a.. Ringo burger with a side of extra Churu sauce?❤️ tiktokforyoupagefypforyouviralfunnymemesfollowmecutefunhappyfoll

♬ original sound - Ringo

The way they are always "making biscuits”...

The way they enjoy the simplest things...


This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted

♬ Major Bag Alert (feat. Migos) - DJ Khaled


♬ original sound - DR

The way cleaning their litter is a horror show...

The way we can’t wait to see them again...

The way they are so mysterious...

The way they are agents of chaos...


He doesnt stop till everything is destroyed. He already broke 2 Tvs #cat #orangecat #help #advice #Totinos425 #PringlesCanHands

♬ original sound - Averie Lynn

The way they tap into their wild instincts...

The way we share sweet and silly moments with them...

And the way we sometimes just can’t handle how much we love them...


i am scum of the earth and this animal is divine and precious #Totinos425 #cat

♬ i own seth - OkayJordan💫

good feelings as a cat owner 2

♬ original sound - CHRI$

Answer @im_siowei my cat has more clout than me #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound - reef
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