Funny Divorce: Divorcee Sells Cursed 'Divorce Couch' On Craigslist (PHOTO)

There's no shortage of weird objects to be found on Craigslist. Who doesn't need a Free VCR with a porno video stuck in it? Or a furnished apartment that comes with 16 cats? (Hint: We don't.)

Today we bring you a new, ridiculous Craigslist ad, this one advertising a "divorce couch." What, exactly, is a "divorce couch"? Just ask Imgur user angelradness, who tried to pawn off the couch on Craigslist after it brought bad relationship luck to her and its past owners.

"Single-handedly responsible for 3 divorces and one long term relationship breakup," she wrote. "Successfully kept one divorcee single for two years. A proven track record!"

See the full ad below:

Unhappily married couples, we have found the couch for you.

Tell us what you think of this anti-love seat below, then click through the slideshow below for some of the most ridiculous ads we've ever come across on Craigslist.

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