Funny Four-Minute Haunted House Spoof Covers Climate and Energy

Concerned about climate change? How about your energy bill? The latest video in the Don't Just Sit There - Do Something! series, the "Energy Bill Movie", takes a seriously silly look at residential energy use and climate change in a haunted house movie spoof, just in time for Halloween:

The action for this video (besides keeping Energy Bill out of your house) is to support the Clean Energy Incentive Plan - comments are due by November 1 - which will provide incentives for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in low-income communities and encourage states to take immediate action on climate change. (If you are new to the series, we always provide ways to engage.)

It's true that the scientific aspects and details of the impacts of climate change are very interesting; however, we find it's generally more motivating to talk about such genuinely scary subjects through the lens of humor.

On one hand, the effects of climate change are still frightening, and worsening. 2016 continues barreling its way to hottest year ever status, Hurricane Matthew just caused the sixth one-in-a-thousand year rainfall on the Carolina coast in the past year, and the presidential debate stage was all but silent about climate.

On the other hand, not all the news is bad: the international agreement made in Paris will shortly go into effect, and solar energy continues to rapidly expand here in the U.S. And, as becomes obvious in the video (spoiler alert), there are many ways we can make a difference. It's important to note the progress being made and how much the hard work of the movement is paying off.

In conclusion, it's never been more important to keep talking about climate change with friends and family. There isn't an aspect of our lives that isn't impacted by climate change. But since we're all part of the problem, that means we can solve it, if we act together.

We hope that this short video, and all our videos, will help spark opportunities for those conversations. So if you like it, please share with your networks. Happy Halloween!

(The Energy Bill Movie was produced with support from CCI Center.)

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