12 Of The Funniest Gag Gifts On Amazon That Actually Exist

Funny gag gifts for men, women, friends, mom, coworkers, teachers and more.

Laughter is the best gift you can give and receive this holiday season and beyond. Put a smile on someone’s face with a weird and wonderful gag gift that’s sure to make them look twice. Watching their reaction as they unwrap your git will create fun a memory the family will regale for years to come.

Gag gifts are great and can (surprisingly) be thoughtful if you make them personal. Maybe it’s an inside joke about your love of pizza, or something really intimate and laughable like these two-person underwear. Think they deserve a real gift, but still want to make them laugh? You can never go wrong with using a hilarious gag gift boxes on Amazon to wrap your real gift.

Because Amazon is king when it comes to gag gifts and practical joke toys, as well as best-selling gag gifts, we’ve found some of the best on site. Give the gift of giggles this holiday with these 12 gag gifts you can get on Amazon.

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For the friend who's obsessed with artisanal products
Bonus points if someone actually tries to pour water in this Witty Yeti Dehydrated Water 16 oz Can.
The friend who never remembers important dates
They’ll be laughing at Awkward Family Photos 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar every day.
Give this to your uncle who just turned fifty
Just hope they can appreciate these Memory Mints for Senior Moments Fun Gag Tin as joke.
Your brother who’s always eating pizza
Basically, anyone who likes pizza will appreciate this Portable Pizza Pouch .
Your sister who’s always on a new health kick
Not only is this ThinkGeek Easy-Open Canned Unicorn Meat Whole 30 approved, but it’s also organic.
For the helicopter parents with a newborn
You might get some weird looks with the Prank Pack "Crib Dribbler", so make sure you have a real gift inside.
Your cousin who’s in nursing school
They can practice treating patients with these Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages
The brother who refuses to shave his beard
At least he can look festive for the family photo with these Beard Ornaments
For the pet that feels like family
Any pet owner would appreciate a little help around the house, give them this Prank Pack"Pet Butler”, but make sure to have some real gifts for their pet inside, too!
For the friend who can’t stop cursing
Keep their cussing fresh with this Creative Cursing: A Mix 'n' Match Profanity Generator that they’ll f**king love.
The aunt who never stops drinking coffee
Keep them caffeinated and cackling with the BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug.
For the friend who would never put down their beer
Help them stay warm and buzzed with this BigMouth Inc The Beer Mitt.