The Perfect Gift Ideas To Celebrate Every Type Of Millennial In Your Life

Everyone has a stereotypical millennial friend (or, more likely, four or five), but no two millennial stereotypes are exactly alike. From amateur food photographers seeking perfectly symmetrical poached eggs to Netflix devotees who believe in the restorative power of binge-watching reality TV, the millennials in your life all have their own obsessions; and, as their friend, you know exactly what they like. They’ve only told you about 1,001 times -- and shared it on social media twice that.

Why wait for birthdays and holidays to show them that you care? Show off how well you know your buddies’ tastes right now with a gift and card that say it all. We partnered with Hallmark Studio Ink to round up our favorite gift ideas to satisfy every selfie-taking, multi-tasking, mile-a-minute millennial friend in your life.

The Treat Yo’self-er

We all have that friend who takes the meaning of “treat yo’self” to a whole new level -- the one who celebrates the shiny things in life and believes that mimosas are a key ingredient in a well-balanced breakfast. To these friends, indulgence is a way of life, YOLO is a promise and glitzy reality show splendor represents peak #goals.

It’s no secret what the Treat Yo’self-er really wants in a gift: over-the-top everything, with a cherry to boot. From honest art prints to oh-so-unnecessary head-and-eye massage sets, your gift options should all pump up the hedonism factor in your friend’s home. Be sure to pick a present that celebrates your buddy’s affection for the finer things in life -- diamond-shaped ice cubes and diamond-infused eye cream, anyone? If your gift doesn’t make him or her feel like a royal, you’re not doing it right.

The Edward Smartphonehands

Remember the last time your brunch spot suggestion was shot down due to bad lighting? Or how about when you had to hold off on digging into your dinner so your friend could make it Insta-famous? You, dear reader, have an Edward Smartphonehands friend: a modern evolution of Edward Scissorhands who has a smartphone glued to their fingers morning, day and night (yes, even in sleep). Laugh all you want at their feature film-length Snap stories and incessant urge to Instagram every half-decent sunset (hello, X-pro II), but these phone-obsessed friends are on their game; you can bet more people “like” their next Insta than you’ll even get to talk to in person all week.

Help your Edward Smartphonehands friends work their social media magic. Find must-have (read: unnecessary) photo accessories like a smartphone film scanner, a macro lens, a pocket reflector and cheeky chargers. Play up their Instagram obsession with honest accessories (because “no filter” is not a motto, it’s a lifestyle) and seek out the most superfluous gadget accessories you can find (cardboard retro TV iPad stand? Check.) Bonus: They’ll owe you for all future “likes” on their new-and-improved posts, so consider yourself Insta-famous by association.

The Netflix and Napper

Ah, the Netflix and Napper. Also known as the homebody, the takeout food junkie and the “Sorry I have plans (but really I’m binge-watching something I’ve already seen three times)”-er, the Netflix and Napper is the quintessential couch potato of the millennial generation. Even the most restless and extroverted among us have spent a Sunday or two channeling the spirit of the Netflix and Napper, and for good reason: these friends know how to chill.

So what do you get friends who can’t -- or won’t -- leave their Netflix accounts for a night? Gifts that get honest. Opt for shirts and home accessories that speak the truth. Get creative with takeout-inspired decor (yes, it does exist, and it’s amazing) and anything that helps your friend nap with ease, like an oh-so-essential nap hood (yes, really). The only thing that could possibly make the Netflix and Napper happier than your present is, of course, the sound of the theme song signaling the next episode. But hey, you’ll come close.

The Nouveau Bro

Say goodbye to the Bud-swilling, baseball hat-wearing bro of years past; there’s a new type of bro in town, and he’s got us feeling all the bromantic feels. These man bun-embracing, Snapchat-loving guys are a whole lot more sensitive than earlier breeds of bro, and they’re all about spreading the word that they have, in fact, graduated to craft beer.

Give the bros what they really want. Of course, you have to start with an intricate shaving set to keep that bun-to-beard ratio right and tight, and only then can you move on to presenting him with the shaving cream scent that reflects his essence: sandalwood, which is equal parts sweet and woody. Heavy up on the beer of the month club membership and whiskey-inspired DIY decor to proclaim their newly refined palates, only-slightly-ironic money-themed cufflinks, heated seats to keep them cozy at the game and home accessories that combine their sports obsessions with their unabashed love of calligraphy. With the Nouveau Bro comes nouveaux gift-giving horizons: the possibilities are endless.

The Euro-Obsessed

Chocolate is fine; Belgian chocolate is better. Coffee is nice; espresso is superior. Peanut butter is okay, but nothing beats Nutella … And so on. If you’ve ever heard one (or, more likely, all) of these statements come out of a friends’ mouth (undoubtedly uttered with an innocently upturned nose), then you, my friend, have a Euro-Obsessed in your life. You know the type: the well-traveled millennial who studied abroad or backpacked around Europe and brought back a firm belief in the superiority of French wine and cheese, a longing for Euro snacks that are scarce stateside (Kinder Bueno, you had us at hello) and, of course, endless stories … and pictures … and did we mention stories? Treat your Euro-Obsessed friend to the very best in vino-inspired gifts and other European essentials.

Of course, drinking and eating paraphernalia are mandatory -- anything that proclaims one’s love for the nectar of the gods and the world’s softest, smelliest cheeses. But don’t be afraid to go beyond the obvious, either. Turns out, you can make a Euro-Obsessed statement with just about any type of home accessory, so consider this your permission to run wild with your gifts; think brie-shaped candles, Nutella earrings and the like. Salud to you for being the best friend a Euro-Obsessed could dream of (besides wine, cheese and a ticket overseas, of course).

The Composter

Meet the greenest of the green millennials: The Composter. This is the friend who never lets a banana peel pass by the compost heap, who makes a vegan meal look like a five-star confection and who redefines what it means to recycle (get that tissue paper out of there, folks!). These are the mushroom-foraging millennials who will help us save the planet, one reusable tote bag at a time. Let’s get real: they make you a better person.

You have one duty as the buddy of The Composter: help your friend help the world. Go green with biodegradable gifts; plant-themed motivational quote calendars; upcycled planters that make use of empty wine bottles (be sure to invite the Euro-Obsessed over before use) and a Veggetti that transforms plain old zucchini into elaborate, drool-inducing imitation pasta dishes. Most importantly, transport your friends back to nature where they belong; a hyper-realistic, forest-themed or moss-and-mushroom-filled tapestry will work wonders. True, your friend probably wants to hang out with trees more than he or she wants to hang out with you, but you can gain an edge by giving them a gift no plant could ever give them, all thanks to having hands and a functional credit card.

The Pioneer

Nothing is too bold for the Pioneer; the more unexpected and “trailblazing,” the better, and you can bet the Pioneer will pursue it at any cost -- even if it means moving out to a wifi-less, abandoned-warehouse-filled outreach of the city or being the first to shave his chest hair in the shape of a waxed moustache. These are the millennials who will lead all other millennials into fads that we’ll one day struggle to explain to our grandkids, and they’re always five steps (read: five years) ahead of the crowd.

Appeal to these friends’ adventurous sides with all the fixings they need to indulge in cutting-edge trends -- and of course, all the tools they need to start their own. Help them conquer their day-to-day with the essentials: a full man-bun-and-beard hat that keeps artfully sculptured facial hair warm and snuggly, of course, plus tin can cups to replace those tired old Mason jars (so 2013). And just for good measure, help your friend do something totally unexpected like adopting an olive tree in Italy, because you can bet he or she will be the first on the block to have one -- and isn’t that the point?

From the simple and beautiful to the weird and absurd, Hallmark Studio Ink has you covered with tons of options to express yourself to the people who know you best. Find the perfect card for every friend in your life, like these Studio Ink Multi-Pack Just Because Postcards. Send cards that speak the way you do.