20 Spot-On Gifts For First-Time Parents Who Have A Sense Of Humor

For first-time parents, these funny baby gifts will help them through the long days of diapers and sleepless nights.

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When it comes to parenting, it's best to have a sense of humor.
When it comes to parenting, it's best to have a sense of humor.

If there’s one thing first-time parents know, it’s that they have a lot to learn.

From figuring out how to feed a tiny human to dealing with diaper rash, parenting isn’t always so pretty. Oh, and add to all that trying to shower, sleep and find time to just be your old self.

But the one thing that’ll make this whole parenting thing easier is having a good sense of humor about its ups and downs.

You might go entire days without talking to another adult. Or getting the recommended amount of sleep that adults need. You’ll definitely get peed on. Maybe you’ll run out of baby wipes in the middle of cleaning up. And, yes, at some point you’ll walk around with vomit on you that doesn’t belong to you.

It’s hard and exhausting work, but being a parent is also hilariously rewarding. Just look at that little face, after all.

That’s why we’ve found some spot-on gifts for those new parents who take everything day by day and aren’t afraid to enjoy a good laugh about it all. Our gift guide includes everything from an oven mitt for all the cooking that they won’t be doing to glow-in-the-dark pacifiers that double as night lights.

Below, 20 spot-on gifts for new parents who have a sense of humor:

A mobile for taco-themed dreams
Uncommon Goods
Sure, a stars and moon mobile might be cute. But what's even better? A mobile with twirling tacos, swirling hot sauce and avocados that spin around. Find it for $48 at Uncommon Goods.
A varsity jacket that's out of this world
For the Baby Yoda in your life, this varsity jacket will prep them for all the Jedi adventures ahead. Find it for $40 at Gap.
A glow-in-the-dark pacifier that doubles as a night light
Mama Bear is Amazon own baby care line that's known for its well-reviewed diapers (we're talking literally thousands of reviews). This set of glow-in-the-dark pacifiers from the brand will make sure you can always find it in the bottom of the crib quickly, even on the darkest of nights. Find the set of four for $5 at Amazon.
A parenting paint chart with shades they might not have seen before
MirthAndMilestones / Etsy
Parents, meet new colors like "tears before bedtime" and "eye bag blue." Find it for $4 on Etsy.
An oven mitt for all the cooking they won't be doing
You have to handle heat with care — even if it's just coming out of a microwave. Hey, you can't expect new parents to do it all. Find it for $14 at AlwaysFits.
A mug in memory of all those times you could sleep-in
sugarspoonmugs / Etsy
Remember? But this gift will make them think of you whenever they drink their morning mug. Find it starting for $11 on Etsy.
A rattle that requires a little extra strength
Don't worry, they can't hurt themselves with this rattle that's lightweight and easy to hold. And as a plus, it's called "Buff Baby." Find it for $10 at Amazon.
A door sign that serves as a warning
OlioStudioLA / Etsy
It takes a little effort to get little ones to sleep. So here's a reminder to shush and tiptoe around the door. Find it for $20 on Etsy.
A pair of fortune cookie booties for a bit of luck
Uncommon Goods
Send them all the luck in the world with these booties that are shaped like fortune cookies. One bootie has the message "From small beginnings come great things" and the other says "An amazing adventure awaits you." Too cute. Find them for $29 at Uncommon Goods.
A techy teether to soothe sore gums
Those days of teething can be hard, but this Nintendo-inspired teether can save the day. Find it for $10 at Amazon.
A card for the fans of Wham!
For the parents-to-be who can't get enough of the sweet sounds of '80s band Wham! and George Michael. Find it for $6 at AlwaysFits.
A onesie for the new chapter in their lives
itsawonderstorm / Etsy
Surprise! For when the plot thickens. Find it for $14 on Etsy.

A reminder to clean when you can
You know what? Having a baby is hard. And trying to keep everything clean isn't the easiest job, either. Here's a reminder that baby wipes can be used for a lot. Find it for $6 at AlwaysFits.
A Sriracha onesie that'll add some spice to the baby's wardrobe
Uncommon Goods
Get it while it's hot: This onesie will dress up the baby to look like a Sriracha bottle. It's perfect for a photo that they'll remember. Find it for $29 at Uncommon Goods.
A cross stitch to remember to sleep it off
ACraftMenagerie / Etsy
Everything's better in the morning, right? Find it starting for $32 on Etsy.
A bib that can take a lot of drool
BasicBebe / Etsy
We're just spitballing here, but we're guessing that this gift will come in handy. Find it for $8 on Etsy.
A tote bag for all that baby crap
GagaKidz / Etsy
Listen, parents have to carry a lot around. This tote can hold everything they need themselves and all those baby essentials. Find it for $15 on Etsy.
A doormat that threatens babysitting duties
WoodByStu / Etsy
You definitely don't want to be responsible for the tears. Find it starting for $15 on Etsy.
A blanket that reflects "a day in the life"
Uncommon Goods
It's a blankie that "celebrates baby's minimalist approach to life." And repeat. Find it for $74 at Uncommon Goods.
A onesie that any millennial will appreciate
Etsy // SassAndTootsBoutique
Moving out? In this economy? Yeah, no. Find it for $13 on Etsy.
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