The Most Ridiculous Food-Related Google Search Suggestions (PHOTOS)

We're not sure who's at fault here, the people at Google or the people that actually search for these things?

At this point, it's unlikely for anyone that uses the Internet to be a stranger to the pitfalls of autocorrect and autocomplete. And though the iPhone tool seems to be the most fail-inducing, of course everyone's favorite search engine couldn't let Apple have all the fun.

A few years back, Google launched the autocomplete tool. This built-in tool offers options to complete the first few words (or even letters) of your search with 'commonly' searched items that begin in the same way. Sometimes, especially if you are in a big enough rush that you just can't bear to type out the rest of your search yourself, this tool can be helpful. But sometimes, this autocomplete tool presents us with suggestions that are not only NOT what we were trying to search for, but that also make absolutely no sense. We found some laugh-inducing Google autocompletes that make us question whether it's the people at Google to blame, or the people that are searching for these things in the first place.

Chocolate Monkeys
Hmm, nope.
Right-Handed People
Because who eats with their left hand these days?
Pig On My Period
So many animal similes.
Square and Costly
Apparently waffles are budget-breaking these days.
Pancakes and Booze
Nothing says 'I'm single' like pancakes and booze for one.
Drink Hanky
Did the 'Princess of Long Island' who created the drink hanky pay for this to be a suggestion?
Candy Crush
No surprise here considering this app brings in $633,000 PER DAY.
PayPal Meals
We can't fathom how there are this many people that would be interested in using their PayPal account to pay for food.
Eating Yourself
If you're considering eating yourself, you may need more help than Google can give you.

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