Funny Kid Drawings: 'How Are You Doing In Hell?' (PHOTOS)

One 6-Year-Old’s Evil, But Hilarious, Note To His Parents (PHOTOS)

Be imaginative! Color outside the lines! If you're going to encourage little kids to be creative, be prepared…

Gawker's Emma Carmichael posted this masterpiece that her brother Joey, who is now 19, drew when he was six because he was sent to "timeout." Though her dad doesn't remember exactly what Joey did to deserve punishment, he'll never forget the note that read "HOW ARE YOU DOING IN HELL?" addressed to him and Ded (short for Dede, Joey's mom).

Carmichael writes that her dad wondered if he was dealing with Satan's spawn. We're thinking the world is lucky that Joey and this little girl didn't meet in the sandbox -- we'd all be doomed.

Moral of the story? Don't judge a kid by his art. Joey, Carmichael says, turned out just fine. So, don't be shy. We're looking for your child's funniest creations. Because they don't say anything about his or her personality at all.

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