27 Spot-On Tweets About Not Wearing Real Clothes During Lockdown

"My shoes probably think I died."

Get dressed every morning, they say. It will make you feel better to have some structure, they say. To “them” we say: Thanks, but no thanks.

One of the more surprising aspects of lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic is how quickly many of us have gotten used to the home wardrobe groove. We change out of daytime sweats into nighttime sweats, we (sometimes) wash and re-wear the same workout outfits over and over again, and in many cases, forgo things like pants altogether.

There are arguments, like the ones mentioned above, in favor of “dressing up” each day. But it’s hard to find motivation to do that when our “offices” are dining room tables and our couches are always close by, beckoning us and our elastic waistbands back into the welcome arms of their warm embrace.

If there’s something to take comfort in (besides stretchy pants) right now, it’s that we are very much going through this together: The highs, the lows and the leggings. Below, 27 hilariously spot-on tweets about getting dressed (or rather, not getting dressed) that just ring a little too true at the moment.

Sit back, pull those pajama pants all the way up, and enjoy.

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