Funny Moms Confess The Sneaky Ways They Make Time For Netflix

Because binge-watching isn't a thing when you have kids.

Parents who have given up on binge-watching their favorite Netflix show now have an alternative, and two funny moms are calling it the #MomSneak.

According to a survey from the streaming service, 71 percent of moms in the U.S. sneak in some time to watch Netflix and use creative ways to do it. Catherine Belknap and Natalie Telfer, known as Cat & Nat online, are just two of those moms, and in a video made in a joint effort with Netflix, they reveal how they sneakily manage to keep up with their shows away from their kids.

To catch up on “Scandal” and other shows, the moms admit to pretending to go on jogs, showing up to the school pickup line 30 minutes early and (the classic) locking themselves in the bathroom.

Get to sneaking, moms and dads.