Funny Or Die Satirizes Ferguson's Militarized Police In Disturbingly Realistic 'Cops' Parody

Funny Or Die's Darkly Satirical 'Cops: Ferguson' Says What We're All Thinking

There are a lot of lines in Funny Or Die's parody of America's militarized police force that would be laugh-out-loud funny, IF they didn't seem so disturbingly close to the truth.

When Ferguson Patrol Officer David Johnson (David Koechner) remarks that, "A lot of cities use violence as a last resort, but we find it's pretty fun to use it as a first resort," it's hard to imagine that someone somewhere hasn't said that and honestly meant it.

Ferguson, Missouri has seen continued unrest since the August 9 shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. The incident and subsequent events have been the subject of satirical responses from The Onion, UCB and, of course, "The Daily Show."

Now Funny Or Die weighs in with a mock scene from a 2010 episode of "Cops: Ferguson" that reveals a lot of the early warning signs of what has unfolded in the town over the last month. At the end, Johnson notes matter-of-factly, "Sometimes to keep a town safe, you have to take it over and arrest everybody in it. That's America."


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