Funny Or Die's 2012 Election Cast: Darrell Hammond, Mike Tyson, Rob Delaney As GOP Hopefuls (VIDEO)

Funny Or Die launched their 2012 Election coverage today, Election Day 2011, under the branding "Live Funny Or Die," a nod to "Live Free or Die," a Revolutionary War call to action (as well as New Hampshire's state motto, which Rick Perry made famous last week). While the online comedy video powerhouse has only gotten more timely in responding the current events, they're not messing around with the 2012 election. Today they released a video with the site's cast members who will presumably play the candidates.

Darrell Hammond, who played a presidential candidate every election year he was on "Saturday Night Live" (except for 2004), portrays a stumbling, incoherent Rick Perry -- perhaps a nod to Hammond's own well-publicized battles with substance abuse. Comedian and Twitter cool kid Rob Delaney took a break from threatening to sue Kim Kardashian to play Mitt Romney as a middle-of-the-road milquetoast. If Romney wins the nomination, as Delaney predicted in VICE, then we can expect to see Delaney debate Reggie Brown, who has already played President Obama on the site. Rounding out the cast are Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi as Michele and Marcus Bachmann, based on their popular videos as the couple.

Oh, and Mike Tyson plays Herman Cain. And presumably, he was cast before the sexual assault allegations. Otherwise it'd be kinda weird.

Are you looking forward to Funny Or Die's take on the election?