31 Pumpkin Carvings For Comedy Nerds

You're a Halloween fan, right? Of course, but maybe you're not all about the scary side of the holiday. Maybe you're about the comedy side of Halloween. You'd rather wet yourself from laughing than from fear.

So here's a little change of pace on the old pumpkin carving tradition. Instead of scary or gross pumpkin carvings, here are some pumpkins from the world of comedy that will hopefully make you laugh or at least crack a big jack-o'-lantern smile.

Stephen Colbert
Keep fear alive, Colbert Nation.
Ron Swanson pumpkin
Where's the bacon pumpkin?
Grumpy Cat
Tricks only, please.
Larry David
Overly Attached Pumpkin
This one's never gonna rot.
Why not Zoidberg?
Calvin and Hobbes
I'm guessing this pumpkin will be used for some kind of mischief.
Dwight Shruti
Oh no! They killed Kenny!
You bastard.
"Mystery Science Theater 3000"
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bite his shiny, pumpkin ass.
"South Park" Terrence and Phillip style
[fart sound]
Ned Flanders as The Devil
You're damn-diddily-amned!
Bill Cosby
Pumpkin puddin' pops? Ehhhh...
Troll Pumpkin
Ah, I see what you did there.
Home Movies
Jay Leno
The chin really jumps out at you.
Kenan and Kel
Aw, here it goes!
Shaun Of The Dead
"Who died and made you f**king king of the pumpkins?"
Napolean Dynamite
Suspicious Fry
Not sure if Fry-shape pumpkin... or pumpkin-shaped Fry.
Sheldon Cooper from "Big Bang Theory"
Pee Wee Herman
Take My Money Fry
Better do what the pumpkin says.
Homer Pumpkin
Can't talk now, the pumpkin's starting.
Bojack Horseman
Conan O'Lantern
Freddy Krueger

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