The Social Distancing Merch That'll Remind Everyone To Stay 6 Feet Away

These products are like a PSA to give you space.

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There's a lot  of social distancing merch out there for when you need some space.
There's a lot  of social distancing merch out there for when you need some space.

By now, you’ve probably gotten used to the world we’re living in — where face masks are must-haves, there hasn’t been much toilet paper to order online and everyone was so into bread baking for a time that finding flour was hard.

There was even a moment in March where Anthony Fauci merch — like prayer candles and posters — became the hottest thing.

And through it all, you have to remember: The coronavirus crisis isn’t over. Not at all. We have to keep social distancing, wearing masks and staying inside when we can. We get it — those things can seem difficult after months and months. But stopping the spread demands them.

You’ve probably seen some folks not standing 6 feet apart or not wearing masks, even in places that are pretty crowded. And you may have wanted to sent them a subtle message — from a distance — about keeping their distance.

Like the Fauci merch that was all the rage, there are a lot of social distancing goods out there. We went searching for them so you can passive-aggressively remind everyone to social distance, whether you’re wearing a face mask to tell everyone to give you some space and throwing on a sweatshirt for this era when you’re the opposite of outdoorsy.

Check out some of this fun, but necessary, social distancing merch:

A baseball hat with a message in the back
fairebroderie / Etsy
A tank top with some not-so-fine print
timwin / Society6
A mug for a real good time (inside)
A pin that tells everyone not to invade your personal space
witandwhistle / Etsy
A sweatshirt for those who aren't outdoorsy
DesignsByArtworks / Etsy
A sticker that's really had it
OveritStudio / Etsy
A scratch-off poster to look forward to the future
Uncommon Goods
An out-of-this-world notebook
A pin that gets the point across
GlimeCandy / Etsy
A stemless wine glass that you can "cheers" with (from home)
A T-shirt that states your intentions clearly
AlvordApparel / Etsy
A T-shirt that's all about keeping your distance
HAVENprint / Etsy
A card set that's better than Zoom to catch up with friends
If you can read the print on this pin, you're too close
RottenTonic / Etsy
A tank that's rooting for all of us in these trying times
Urban Outfitters
A face mask with a reminder to give everyone their personal space
SNHDesignByUs / Etsy
A coffee cup that reminds you to put your mask on
Side Dimes / Society6
A T-shirt for staying in all day
dscreativeapparel / Etsy
A face mask that doesn't mask its message
GiGi / Society6
A brooch that makes everything crystal clear
RadicalButtons1 / Etsy