Just 32 Purr-Fect Tweets To Celebrate International Cat Day

"hey babe come look at the cat. he looks the same as he always does and hes just sitting there. babe come look. hey come look at the cat"

Bust out your finest cardboard box and let your faucet run, because today is a very important day.

In case you didn’t get the day off of work for International Cat Day — a holiday celebrated every year on Aug. 8 with the aim of inspspsps-ing people to take some time to play with their feline friends — we got a little something that’ll make your day feel a bit more paws-itive.

We scoured X, formerly Twitter, to find 32 funny tweets from 2023 about cats that are sure to make you want to pal around with your little potato.

So go ahead and scroll down meow — unless you have a cat.

If you do, feed them first. We don’t need anyone to have a hissy-fit on their special day.

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