35 Hilarious Tweets From Parents About Their Kids' Stuffed Animals

Parenting is like living in a plush factory.

Popular toys come and go, but one that remains an enduring classic is, of course, the stuffed animal. Much like the children of days past, kids in 2018 still love to cuddle, play with and generally lug around soft teddy bears or monkeys or whatever their animal of choice might be.

In a way, the sheer quantity of stuffed animals some kids collect makes parenting feel like living in a plush factory. And then there are the many little ones who have a special favorite “lovey” or “comfort object” that would be nightmarish to misplace.

With all the pressure, at least moms and dads can still laugh about it. We’ve rounded up 35 funny tweets from parents about their kids’ stuffed animals. Enjoy!

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