Apparently You Can Now Send Cardboard Cutouts Of Yourself To Weddings


Weddings aren't always the most convenient affairs and, consequently, some guests find themselves unable to attend at the last minute.

But have no fear; one Redditor reminded us Tuesday that there are ways to make up for your absence -- like sending a cardboard cutout in your place.

The picture below was posted by Reddit user absolutjessy with the caption, "So my brother couldn't make it to my mom's wedding."

And no, this isn't a one-off; after some intense Internet digging we quickly discovered that it's actually kind of a thing now. See below for proof:

"At my sister's wedding this weekend, one of her friends couldn't make it, so his buddies decided to improvise!" - Redditor amhaggerty

"The guy pictured in the cardboard cutout was away for training, they didn't want him to miss it so they did the next best thing." - Summer House Photography via Flickr


Ahhh my siblings: If one looks a little 2-D it is because he is a cardboard cut-out. He was serving as a missionary. - Blogger Emily from Black Orchid Floral Design

If only this trick worked for other things, like attending work meetings or ugly sweater parties.

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