15 Funny White Elephant Gifts Under $15

These gifts are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

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White Elephant. Yankee Swap. Dirty Santa. Whatever you call it, you don't want to show up without one of these funny gifts.
White Elephant. Yankee Swap. Dirty Santa. Whatever you call it, you don't want to show up without one of these funny gifts.

White Elephant. Yankee Swap. Dirty Santa. It’s a game by many names, but the rules are the same: If you come with an inexpensive gift, you get to leave with an inexpensive gift.

If you are heading to a holiday party this weekend, chances are you need a cheap gift that fits the mood. Because it can be difficult to find an inexpensive White Elephant gift that matches the light-hearted tone of the event, we’ve done the hard work for you and found options for all your anonymous gift exchanges. (We also have you covered if you’re looking for useful and practical White Elephant gifts instead.)

15 funny White Elephant gifts under $15 that are sure to be a hit:

A bathroom guestbook
This bathroom guest book will give a laugh to the person who opens this gift, and the guests who visit their home in the future will get a kick out of it as well.
A vacuum for their desk
This mini vacuum shaped like a pig is adorable and useful. It works for countertops or desktops, so this is a safe gift for almost any White Elephant party.
A NSFW oven mitt
A witty and cute oven mitt is welcome in any kitchen.
A practical bathroom spray
This scented spray will look like a decoration, but will prove to be useful in your pal’s bathroom.
Notebooks for grumpy people
These Grump notebooks are ideal for the person who is always venting, so make sure to nudge them in the direction of this package when their turn to choose a gift comes up.
A funny candle
For those who enjoy bathroom humor, this candle will get a laugh. Or go with this one for all the PSL lovers in your life.
An adult coloring book
Crack everyone up with a dog-butt coloring book or a farting animals coloring book. They’ll laugh now, and later they'll find themselves coloring as a method of stress relief.
An avocado tree ornament
Help a friend decorate their tree with every millennial’s favorite food.
A delightfully evil Dirty Santa gift
You know this bag of edible bugs will elicit some crazy responses, just like you know that someone is going to be ripping it open on a dare by the end of the party.
A darkly comical book
Everyone will get some laughs after passing around this darkly humorous book that “presents hilariously entertaining stories about life and existential predicaments.” It’s a perfect coffee table book for those who enjoy dry humor.
A cute self-watering plant
These self-watering planters are cute as can be, and will be perfect for even the tiniest of apartments and windowsills.
Artsy socks
We all love cozy and fun socks, and most of us need taller pairs that go well with boots. These prints of famous art pieces fit the bill.
A Bop It!, just because
A Bop It! will not only bring a healthy dose of nostalgia to the party, it will probably provide another activity for when the gift exchange is finished.
A disappearing mug
This Disappearing Civil Liberties mug will be a hit if people at this party like to talk (or rage) about politics.
A classic you can't go wrong with
Calvin and Hobbes is a comedy classic. The recipient will enjoy it not only for the humor, but also because it reminds them of waiting for the Sunday comics as a kid.