9 YouTube Makeup Tutorials That'll Make You LOL

Here at HuffPost Style, we watch hours and hours of YouTube makeup tutorials.

While we're learning how to complete that complicated "easy" braid or tuning into yet another blogger's shopping haul, sometimes we need to laugh a little. Since we've finally recovered from the makeup trends to ditch in 2015, we found other videos that gave us a serious case of side-splitting laughs.

Of course, we couldn't do a roundup without the classic "Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong" and let's just say this 2012 gem from Ariana Grande made us love her even more.

Watch some of the funniest YouTube makeup tutorial videos below and share your favorites in the comments section.

With "ValenTIME's" Day around the corner, why not get a makeup look that'll woo your boo.
"I use my hands [giggle]."
Do you have a ceeeaaaat named Paul Revere? Then this is for you.
The one tutorial you could actually use on a daily basis.
So that's why we need so many different shades of lipstick... #breelieve
This slightly NSFW video will tell you exactly what your makeup looks mean.
When beauty hauls bring out the best in us.
Sharp cat-eye ladies, sharp cat-eye.
WTF Is That??