'Furby' Assault: Ashley Trimmer, 27, Allegedly Used Toy To Attack Boyfriend


We've heard everything from a toy lightsaber to a Swedish sausage being used in an attack, but this furry weapon of choice may be a first.

According to police in Pennsylvania, 27-year-old Ashley Trimmer used a "Furby" toy to assault her live-in boyfriend during an altercation over a Facebook post Wednesday, KDKA reports.

The Moon township resident was arrested and charged with simple assault after the early morning incident.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by the Smoking Gun, two officers arrived at the house shared by Trimmer and her boyfriend, William Ley, after receiving reports of a domestic dispute. Ley told the responding officers that Trimmer first threw the "Furby" toy at him -- striking him on the right side of his face -- before lobbing a Sony PlayStation controller at the other side of his head. The latter injured Ley, causing some bleeding, the report states.

In cases of domestic assault that result in injury, officers are required to make an arrest no matter how minor the harm, Moon police Chief Leo McCarthy revealed to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Trimmer was released Wednesday after her mother posted $2,000 bail, the Smoking Gun reports.

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