Furious Five: Aver Ave

Furious Five: Aver Ave
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Most recently, I got a chance to sit down with Aver Ave and hear all about the big journey in fashion that most brands take. Pops of color and interesting shapes and silhouettes make up this brilliant brand. Hear what they had to say here:

With regards to fashion what is your formal training?

My mom attended FIT and my aunt traveled the world modeling. I picked up a lot from them and learned the ins and outs of the business. I held a few assistant gigs with a couple of fashion stylists that influenced what women wanted to wear. Living in Harlem, fashion was a big thing for us and it came natural for me.

What inspires you in terms of shape and movement?

Versatility with an aesthetic that combines chic and casual style.

Who are your major fashion influences?

Karl Legerfeld, Diane von Fürstenberg, Tom Ford

Who is your girl - the character you design for?

The woman that likes to take risks.

If you could do a dream collaboration with any celebrity, who would it be?


With things shifting in politics and culture here in the US, how much of a role does that play in how you design and what you design?

I try not to be affected by politics too much. My inspiration is drawn from different cultures. It's about embracing differences.

What was your upbringing like and how has that informed what you do in fashion?

My mom was big on presentation. Growing up even if I wanted to go get something from the corner store she always said make sure you're presentable you never know who u will run into. I use to say Ma who's going to be at the corner huh please tell me. As I got older I really saw what she meant. Presentation is everything and it has helped me a lot with the designing process. You want to look and feel good no matter where you're going.

What's the biggest misconception about fashion design?

“Fashion is Glamorous”

What inspired this new collection?

It is inspired by my desire of exploring the relationship between geometry and human body. Nature vs. Man made.

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